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I want to thank the company "Oktta" for the excellent and professional work. The studio had the task to audit and research the user experience of our online store: to analyze the current situation, find weaknesses and predict points of growth. Our consultants immediately presented a plan of work and set deadlines. All of the materials were posted in a timely manner. We were constantly in touch, and I could get answers to my questions and requests that arose in the process of working together. All of these stages were done at a very high professional level with 100% immersion in the task and specifics of our industry. Already in the course of working together, we began to use the results of the team "Oktta" and make changes to the work and design of the online store.

Artyom Sosnovskikh, Head of Direct Sales

Unlike other companies, the guys from Oktta took their time to immerse themselves in the task and create a holistic picture of what needs to be developed. The main reason is that the approach is NOT superficial. The product fully meets expectations, because at every stage of its creation we constantly kept in touch and discussed all the details. Therefore, no unpleasant surprises - everything is as planned. The deadlines are generally satisfied, as we had no critical deadlines. However, the final work on fixing bugs and the final release of the product took longer than expected. For those who still have doubts, we advise you to talk to the guys, formulate your task and see what they will offer. I am sure they will be able to ask questions that you have not thought of yet. And that is the most valuable thing.

Batrbek Okazov, CEO

We would like to thank the Oktta studio for the high-quality development of our company's corporate website. Oktta specialists showed their professionalism at all stages: from the design side - proposed several modern options for implementing SkillCode corporate identity, and in the development process showed attention to all the information and input from our team, met all the requirements for functionality and efficiency, as well as provided full consulting support and maintenance after the start of the new site.

Artyom Kodolov, CEO

B2CPL would like to thank the company "Oktta". In the period from February 2020 to September 2021 a set of works on the redesign of the personal account, tracking service and a comprehensive UX-survey was carried out. All the work was done within the time frame specified in the contract, in full and with good quality.
Also want to note the positive aspects of cooperation: Extreme involvement of Oktta employees in the development process, a wide analytical arsenal of the team, willingness to continue to work to achieve the desired result, despite the number of intermediate iterations, operational work - both in developing stages, as well as in communication and feedback.

Matvey Kozlovsky, Director of Development

We would like to express our gratitude to the company "Oktta". In the period from October 2020 to September 2021 a set of works on website and mobile application redesign was carried out. We confirm that all the works were completed within the terms specified in the contract, in full and with proper quality. We would like to point out the high professionalism of the company's employees, prompt solutions to issues, competence and attention to our wishes in the implementation of the design and functionality of the site / mobile application.

Roman Myagotin, Project Manager

During the work with the studio Oktta, we have gained tremendous experience. In the minimum terms we have developed the project, more than 3 years we work on support, at present we are preparing the third version of the Internet-shop. With confidence we recommend the studio Oktta as a reliable partner.

Ruslan Rizvanov, General Director

We are working with Oktta on the redesign of the mobile application SNGB Online, as well as the redesign of the product pages of First of all, we would like to note the professionalism and creativity of the specialists. All works as a rule delivered several days in advance and required a minimum number of edits, while the edits themselves were made promptly during the day. Can safely recommend the company Oktta for cooperation!

Alexei Konarev, Director of Marketing and Communications

We are very grateful to the Oktta team not only for the work done, but also for the professionalism shown in its execution. The comfort of the interaction deserves special attention, which was as friendly as possible while not allowing details to slip out of sight, which, when working with analytics and data, is an extremely important criterion. It was valuable to us that the Oktta team was as focused on results as ours. In the end, we got even more than we expected. On behalf of the project team and myself, I express my respect and can confidently recommend Oktta as a reliable partner in solving non-trivial tasks.

Egor Grushin, CEO

We express our gratitude to the company "Oktta" for comfortable cooperation. In the period from May to July 2021 a complex of works on the modification of our corporate website was carried out. All the works were completed on time, in full and with good quality. Taking into consideration all the above-said we recommend Oktta as a reliable partner.

Artem Verkhovsky, Creative Director

We thank the company «Oktta» represented by Vitaly V. Yagodkin for the high quality and beautiful website VS Kuchen. The guys are professionals, it is very comfortable to work with them. They do everything well, quickly and independently. We are absolutely satisfied with the result".

Ksenia Romanova, Marketing Specialist