Dashboard for the logistics company B2CPL


Design the dashboard of a courier company, find out customers' pains and generate hypotheses



B2CPL represented by development director Matvey Kozlovsky would like to thank Oktta. In the period from February 2020 to September 2021 a set of works on the redesign of personal account, tracking service and a comprehensive UX study was carried out. We confirm that all works were completed within the contractual deadlines, in full and with proper quality.
We would also like to note the positive aspects of our cooperation: The extreme involvement of Oktta's employees in the development process, the team's broad analytical arsenal, the willingness to continue working until the desired result is achieved despite the number of intermediate iterations, the prompt work - both in developing the stages and in communication and feedback. With this in mind, we recommend Oktta to other organisations and would gladly continue our cooperation.

Matvey Kozlovsky, Development Director, B2Cpl

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