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Develop a video service for children with safe content. Interactive, engaging and unique



In the process of searching for a development company, I contacted 25 companies. The decision was made in favour of Oktta for a number of reasons: a reasonable price offer, immersion in the client's task already at the first meeting, a relevant portfolio, and a pleasant personal impression of communication. The decisive factor was the solution approach and the price.

Unlike other companies, the guys from Oktta took their time to immerse themselves in the task and create a holistic picture of what was to be developed. It was only afterwards, after generating a detailed estimate, that they announced the price. The price was acceptable, so we made that decision. Again, the main reason is that it was a no-nonsense approach. The product is fully in line with our expectations, as we were in constant contact and discussed all the details at each stage of its creation. Therefore, there were no unpleasant surprises - everything is as planned.

The timing is generally satisfactory, as we did not have any critical deadlines. However, the final work to fix bugs and final release of the product has taken longer than expected. For those who still have doubts, we advise you to talk to the guys, formulate your task and see what they have to offer. I am sure they will be able to ask questions that you have not thought of yet. And that is the most valuable thing.

Batrbek Okazov, CEO, Kidsee

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