UX analytics for No Kids Stickers


identify motives and barriers to purchase, product and interface requirements


NKS is the largest community dedicated to stickers.

Work carried out

We combined qualitative and quantitative research methods: we studied metrics, conducted a user survey for the online shop, UX testing and a series of in-depth interviews, as well as an expert audit of the website.
Studying metrics

Based on data from web analytics, we studied the types of users and their behaviour.

We analysed the pages with the highest bounce rate; We analysed the site's link map and webwizards according to three criteria:

To explore motives and barriers to purchase, product and interface requirements, a quantitative survey was placed on the website, which contained both closed and open-ended questions.

More than 500 respondents took part in the survey and we selected 255 relevant questionnaires for further analysis.

14 questions

+500 respondents

+250 relevant questionnaires

Patterns identified during the analysis of responses to the question of what difficulties users encounter when searching for a particular product:
Available to the customer
UX test

Conducted a series of tests, combined with in-depth interviews.

Users of the online shop and members of the target audience who buy similar products elsewhere were invited to participate in the test.
Performed a number of the following works:
Expert Review
Conducted an expert audit of the current site based on previous findings, identifying problems in the desktop and mobile versions and providing ideas for solutions.

We would like to thank the Oktta team not only for the work done, but also for the professionalism shown in its execution. Special mention should be made of the comfort of interaction, which was as friendly as possible without allowing details to slip through the cracks, which, when working with analytics and data, is an extremely important criterion.

It was valuable to us that the Oktta team was as focused on the result as ours. In the final phase of the project, when everything was about to be completed, we jointly found a small omission that we had not noticed during the briefing, and the Oktta team took extra time to work on it. In the end, we got even more than we expected.

On behalf of the project team and myself, I would like to pay my respects and recommend Oktta as a reliable partner for non-trivial tasks.

Egor Grushin, founder, No Kids Stickers

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