analytics and research

analyse user behaviour and experiences with the product


Usability audit

We assess how user-friendly the interface is. If difficulties arise, we help eliminate them to make the product friendlier and more user-friendly.



Identify the main segments of the target audience through primary interviews and analysis of data in metrics systems. Use this data to prepare questionnaires to identify users' goals and motives. Conduct user surveys and generate reports.


UX testing

We segment the target audience on the basis of questionnaires. We develop hypotheses and tasks for test groups, and carry out qualitative testing. We then proceed to an in-depth analysis of the data obtained and prepare recommendations for improving the product.


In-depth interview

Form the research area to confirm the hypotheses. To do this, we study metrics data, develop portraits of the target audience using the Jobs to Be Done method. We compose relevant questions, write scripts, invite respondents, conduct research using the CustDev method. We record the results of the interviews in reports.

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